About Us

If you’ve come to this page you’re probably asking….but why? But how? We’ve heard that a lot throughout this journey. The why is easy: it’s funny! However, our why is never intended to be crude, vulgar, or offensive. It’s just a funny way to spice up your wine experience.

How did we come up with this idea? Well, we were a couple of dads at a park, watching our kids on the playground, talking about the ridiculous number of bachelorette parties our wives had attended, and the incredible amount of penis tattoos, penis cups, penis straws, penis everything that was involved. That’s when the words that would change our lives were spoken: “What if the bottles were shaped like a penis??”

From there, we spent many late nights designing the perfect bottle, crafting every detail from head to...well, base. It actually took quite a bit of work -- think pressure, physics, curvature, surface area! 🤯 -- anyway, back to the story. We can’t tell you the number of times we heard, “Are you serious?!” Yes, we were and yes, we are serious about our penis-shaped sparkling wine. We’ve been told by manufacturers, wine producers, warehouses, and countless other professionals (lawyers!) that they didn’t want to touch our…. bottle. Some just couldn’t handle it ;). Yet here we are, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring Just the Tipsy™ to your lips.

We want to have fun, make people laugh, throw around a few good innuendos, and drink some good wine with family and friends…. out of a unique, large, beautiful, ready-to-pop bottle.